My story:

First off, customer service was excellent. Very nice on the phone and I received a call from their office 15 minutes prior to the appointed time letting me know our technician was on his way. He called me ten minutes later letting me know he was five minutes behind schedule and would be there at 8:35, and got there exactly when he said he would. (A+ for that in my book, as I'd rather be kept informed then be kept guessing)
We had called in the day before for a diagnostics test to assess what was wrong with our heating. We just moved into the area a few years ago and never had our heating serviced. Our heating system was making crazy noises and finally stopped working. I searched around online and read some reviews and while Affordable only had a few online reviews (very positive) I thought to go with a different more well-reviewed company, but since they were the only ones who could get over before the weekend and their cost for a diagnostic was really within a competitive $10 range, I made an appointment. Boy am I glad that I did.

Josh arrived and began to take a look at our very outdated boiler/heating system. He was very nice and personable and was totally fine with me watching him work. (some technicians don't like to have people looking over their shoulder...)

I showed him two videos I took with my phone that recorded the sounds it had made. He smiled and said he thinks he knows what it could be. He checked it out and told me our pump motor was bone dry and the bearings were in desperate need of oil. He remarked: "Let's see if we can get lucky, and get away with just oiling it." He had it up and running within minutes. He assessed the pump and told me the system looked good and asked if I wanted him to perform a routine maintenance on it while he was there since it had been at least 3 years since it was last serviced and that I would only have to pay the difference between the diagnostic and the service. I gladly accepted and he performed the routine maintenance and checked out our whole system.

He was really excellent and explained our whole system to us and the differences between newer versus older systems and was very helpful and stayed on a little bit to ensure everything was running smoothly.

In a world where anyone else could have told us we had to replace the pump, or get a whole new system, he was just happy to give us good service and not take advantage of us. I feel like I can trust this company and for me, that is the most important thing.
I will definitely be calling this company for any work in the future and cannot recommend them more highly.

Rav Akiva Weiss

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